Fire & flood damage

In the event of a fire or a flood, the damage inflicted on a company premises or residential home is often devastating and can leave the property uninhabitable for long periods of time. To the public eye, the visual appearance caused from the fire can spread across quite an extensive area and be somewhat distressing. Our portfolio of works includes; Council properties, flats and communal areas, university residences, landlord owned properties and commercial bin stores.

Fire clearance and clean

  • Century Group are experts in attending site to safely and methodically clean through and remove: Fire and smoke damaged items for disposal
  • Deep cleaning of smoke damaged walls, ceilings and flooring
  • Deep cleaning of smoke damaged items such as kitchens, fixtures and fittings
  • Painting of smoke damaged walls with specialist paint to seal and lock in any residual smells that cannot be fully removed.

It is essential that in order to minimise the clean-up and habitation works that essential works are progressed as soon as feasibly possible, and in a timely manner to both contain soot and offensive odours from spreading. By doing so we minimise any adverse health and safety effects to wellbeing both at the immediate location and for neighbouring residents.

Flood clearance and clean
When dealing with an unexpected flood, time is of the essence to initially contain and then remove as much of the water as possible to minimise the damage and further spread.

Our teams can:

  • Remove items at risk and place away from the immediate location
  • Remove any items or fixings that have been affected. Endeavour to dry/dispose as required
  • Extract as much water as possible to minimise long-term damage
  • Provide deep cleaning using anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatments
  • Provide a dehumidifier to draw out further water localised surfaces and from atmosphere.
  • Service the dehumidifier for effective use and prevent damp and unpleasant smells forming
  • Provide any building or redecoration works to make good and return to standard.   
  • Assist in the supply of new carpets/flooring surfaces

By acting fast, we are able to minimise the long-term and further deterioration of the property.

We are able to complete additional complementary works like painting and decorating throughout as well as supply new replacement carpets to make the environment habitable and causing the least amount of stress and long-term effects.  

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